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JuzsportsShops combined technology and luxury to become the first platform for direct-to-consumer luxury imports exclusively from Italy. As a company, we value innovation and believe in supporting the next generation of creative thinkers.

How can we prepare today’s minds to be tomorrow’s innovators? We believe an excellent education is the first step to building a foundation for young minds to discover their creative potential. That’s why JuzsportsShops is donating a percentage of sales to support schools through our Charitable Giving initiative.
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Please refer to our Beverly Hills Education Foundation. JuzsportsShops will donate 5% of sales from registered donors to support BHEF and fund academic courses and extracurricular programs ranging from technology and digital media to arts and sciences. By investing in education and empowering students to be innovative thinkers, we all benefit—our kids, our community, and our city.
Beverly Hills Education Foundation
The Beverly Hills Education Foundation believes that nothing is more important than the education of our children. Our goal is to have schools that are rich in programming, academic challenges, and enrichment opportunities. We want our students to develop critical thinking skills as well as the character required to use these skills in ways that allow them to meet the challenges unique to their generation.

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We connect savvy luxury shoppers with brand new, in-season fashion and luxury products at a consistent savings of up to 40%*. Through our network of Italian partner boutiques, orders are delivered by global express mail in 2-4 business days. For those in the know, JuzsportsShops just does it better. #JuzsportsShopsdoesitbetter

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