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Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company. His enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewellery and accessory brand. Today, the family carries on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world.

Swarovski Silver Tennis Deluxe Bracelet (R21912) | £145
Swarovski White Crystal  Snowflake Ornament (P82582) | £55
Swarovski Silver Tennis Bracelet (R21910) | £95
Swarovski White Constella Crystal Earrings (R56966) | £115
Swarovski Silver Attract Stud Pierced Earrings (R80948) | £55
Swarovski Silver Subtle Bracelet (R21913) | £95
Swarovski Silver Creativity Circle Pierced Earrings (R21929) | £45
Swarovski Blue Angelic Square Pierced Earrings (R80945) | £45
Swarovski Silver Attract Necklace (R21947) | £55
Swarovski Silver Attract Pear Stud Pierced Earrings (R80949) | £55
Swarovski White Constella Crystal Bracelet (R56971) | £135
Swarovski White Kids My Little Bear Picture Holder (R80957) | £95