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Decorative Ornaments


Add something striking to your home decor with our range of ornaments. Dress a side table with animals, sculptures and figurines, or add a feature to your hallway with a coordinating vase for a fresh mantlepiece finish. Our alphabet designs exude a quirky feel, whilst ceramic and chrome display contemporary elegance. As well as for a rustic feel, browse wooden sculptures for a touch of character to your space.

Brown Willow the Whippet Dog in a Jumper Ornament (T62322) | £20
Brown Charlie The Cockapoo Dog Ornament Phone Holder (863077) | £26
Bronze Hattie and Henry Dancing Hippos Medium Ornament Ornament (751599) | £36
Brown Hamish the Highland Medium Ornament Cow (714629) | £38
Silver Hex Heart Sculpture (M82836) | £24
Brown Hamish the Highland Dangly Leg Ornament Cow (A09746) | £12
Brown Bronx Wooden Dominoes (171865) | £26
Orange Halloween Gonk (U56128) | £20
White Contemporary Swan Large Ornament Sculpture (488093) | £32
Brown Saffy The Staffy Dog Ornament (M00079) | £40
Libra Silver Apo Coral Aluminium Sculpture (101995) | £84
Brown Hamish the Highland Extra Large Ornament Cow (249946) | £110