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Men's Coats


Make a warm addition to your layering options with men's coats. Perfect to throw over a smart polo shirt, t-shirt or a sweatshirt for extra warmth, discover a range of puffer, hooded, overcoats and parkas. Designed from wool or cotton, embrace a smart attire while keeping the chill at bay. Find options including double breasted designs, funnel necks and shower resistant in long and short styles.

Charcoal Grey Funnel Neck Coat (204038) | £99
Navy Funnel Neck Coat (249158) | £99
Light Grey Funnel Neck Coat (148271) | £99
Charcoal Grey Water Resistant Parker Jacket (210213) | £99
Black Funnel Neck Coat (903594) | £99
Slate Grey Shower Resistant Longline Heatseal Coat (525517) | £90
Superdry Mens Natural Studios Lightweight Wool Car Coat (M77934) | £130
Threadbare Black Mac with Mock Inner (P70331) | £65
Reiss Navy Perrin Mac With Removable Zip Neck Inserts (T71169) | £278
Navy Water Resistant Parker Jacket (237202) | £99
Threadbare Black Lightweight Mac (Q04471) | £55
Threadbare Black Padded Longline Mac (P70346) | £60