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Women's Trench Coat


Smart enough for work, stylish enough for the weekend. Take your outerwear to the next level with our collection of classic trench coats and macs, featuring must-have designs from some of the biggest fashion brands. Choose your favourite from a huge range of colours, prints and fits, all designed to see you through the seasons.

Lipsy Khaki Green Regular Shower Resistant Rain Mac (R99048) | £69
Teal Blue Hooded Sporty Trench Coat (T58027) | £75
Lipsy Black Regular Shower Resistant Rain Mac (P83121) | £69
Lipsy Rose Long Rainmac (P83130) | £72
Green Showerproof Hooded Glam Mac (A68051) | £68
Camouflage Showerproof Hooded Glam Mac (T25239) | £68
Joules Shoreside Coastal Waterproof Jacket (A29397) | £90
Lipsy Olive Long Rainmac (P82224) | £72
Joules Coast Coastal Mac Coat (A29406) | £109
Camel Button Side Hooded Trench Coat (M87697) | £70
Camel Natural 3-in-1 Premium Trench Coat (T20871) | £85
Yours Curve Pink PU Rain Mac (Q17219) | £55